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some bitch:
omg you wore that shirt the other day
yeah well in my house we have this amazing thing called a washing machine

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i want him to die honestly

Everyone should know how disgusting this little fuck is

because he’s against gay rights? well Im against gay rights. but I don’t hate people who are gay, lesbian, etc. in fact, some of my closest friends are gay, I don’t agree with the lifestyle, it goes against my religion, so does that make me a bad person who needs to go die? I honestly don’t care if you love someone who’s the same gender as you, I will agree that you can’t help who you fall for. I will accept you for who you are, but please don’t ask me to agree with that lifestyle.

your religion goes against the existence of millions of people around the world i don’t think you get to use it as justification for shitty opinions

Im not justifying my opinions, but why do I have to accept something I don’t agree with? why is it so bad that i don’t agree with that lifestyle? I just said that I will still accept people who live that way, just not the lifestyle. why is that so hard to understand?

because you are literally saying you’ll accept gay people but not agree with the fact that they are gay how do you not get that you are talking about accepting and disagreeing with the exact same thing there is no difference between the two you aren’t accepting if you disagree with it

I completely agree with firelorcl

No there is a difference. I can like people and disagree with their lifestyle. And I do.

"I’m against "enter group here" rights"

That makes you a fascist. You can be against government sanctioned marriage, but to openly say “I’m against gay rights” “I’m against rights for gay people” then no, that’s not okay.

I’m against all rights for any special rights. In order for any group to have special rights you are either taking something away from a larger group or you’re excluding the larger group from the rights.
And don’t start with the gay “marriage” debate. Marriage has been ruined regardless of gay “marriage” existing.

Exactly. I wasn’t specifying gay marriage. Marriage as a whole was made worthless as soon as you had to ask permission from the state to get married.
What “gay rights” infringe on the rights of others?

Honestly it’s his right to say this just like the gays who saystraight ppl suck or the die cis scum thing

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